Letters To My Daughter podcast

Letters To My Daughter

Brittney Batson

"Letters Written to My Daughter" is a podcast that was sparked by the idea "If I could tell my daughter....what would I tell her"? Each podcast is inspired by letters written and questions asked from women and men that want to engage in positive conversation and share perspective. We will share about walking with Christ, personal beliefs, dating, friendships, and more relevant life topics. This podcast is dedicated to encouraging women and men along their everyday Christian walk in relationships, growing a servants heart, loving others, building finances, and developing into an overall healthy person that finds love, significance, and security in God alone.

44 Episodes

  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    Episode 44 - Faith Activated


    It's not always easy to believe when you don't seem to see anything changing in your life. We all go through ups and downs. Truth be told, some of them seem like they are never going to end. But, God...has a greater plan!
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    How To Have Faith When You Are Afraid


    Wondering where you should be the next stage of your life? Are you a little thrown off course due to the pandemic? Guess what? I think Covid shook everyone up a little bit! Dive into my podcast and be encouraged to know that the move is on purpose!
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

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  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    Single On Good Friday


    Finding it hard to be alone during the COVID-19 virus? Who knew our single season would be amplified through this pandemic? Well, I know you will find encourgement as you listen to this podcast about simple tips to help you through this time. Whether you are single or in a relationship, I share practical advice that has helpd me grow closer to God.
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    I Need Friends- Letters Written To My Daughter


    Ever wonder why making friends can be so difficult....because it can be...listen to this podcast and be encouraged to take basic steps to developing lasting friendships.
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    Taking What You Have And Doing Something Great


    Sometimes going to work gets difficult, being in a relationship can seem hard, and life just doesn't seem to get any easier. What if thise were just opportunities...appointments...times for us to truly show Gods character.
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    What To Do With My "Weaknesses"?


    Overwhelmed at work, at school, or everyday life with weaknesses...what if our weaknesses became direct connections to our relationship deepening with God?
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    What Motivates YOU?


    What wakes you up in the morning...routine, kids, family, money...what if our motivation is in the wrong place...and if we allow it...God can come in and show us true motivation from His heart?
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    When I Am Not Enough


    So many times we try to measure up to the people around us...take a seat and push play...I pray this one inspires you to see the Truth.
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    To Inspire or Not To Inspire...That Is The Question


    Have you ever found yourself inspiring others and feeling unnoticed, overlooked, depleted, or ignored. Take a listen to this podcast and hear a story about the beauty in silent kindness.
  • Letters To My Daughter podcast

    I Can't Hear Him - Letters Written To My Daughter


    Struggle to hear His voice? Wondering if it is your voice or his?????? What if there is a way to truly hear from God?

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