Let's Talk Conflict podcast

Let's Talk Conflict

Leap Confronting Conflict

A group of young Care Experts have teamed up with Leap Confronting Conflict to share their experiences of the UK care system. They discuss what needs to change, what they wish they knew when they were in care, and give advice around wellbeing, relationships, and preparing for adulthood.

Thanks to the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Kurt and Magda Stern Foundation, Rayne Foundation and Treebeard Trust for funding this project.

Thank you to Helena Webb for editing the podcast, and to Eleanor Ngai for designing the cover image.

Most importantly, thank you to Aíne, Alice, Ashley, Evie, George, Jade, Leanne, Shenika, Tiff and Will for sharing your stories and for your passion to create change in the care system.

This podcast is dedicated to Will, who was a big part of the group and who very sadly passed away in July. Will brought such wisdom, insight and humour, and has left a lasting legacy through this podcast.

*Some of the issues discussed in the podcast may be triggering, so we encourage you to look after yourself and to reach out for support if you need it.*

We'd love to hear from you - get in touch with the group by email on [email protected] Or, you can find us on social media @leap_cc

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