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Ep 4 - Trump At SCOTUS: The Insurrectionist Gets His Day In Court (Feat. Eric Segall)

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With Trump’s ballot disqualification on the docket, all eyes were on SCOTUS last week. Liz talks about the argument at the Supreme Court with guest Eric Segall, and lays out the various off-ramps the justices might take to keep a criminal insurrectionist on the ballot this November.

“Originalism as Faith” by Eric Segall 

“Supreme Myths: Why the Supreme Court Is Not a Court and Its Justices Are Not Judges” by Eric Segall 

Trump v. Anderson, SCOTUS Docket

Trump v. Anderson, Argument Audio and Transcript

Foley/Ginsberg/Hasen Amicus Brief

“Fake GOP Electors Meet To Cast Fake Votes For President Real Loser” at Wonkette 


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