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Ep 3 - How to NOT Piss Off a Jury (feat. Richard Matthews)

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Liz talks to jury consultant Rich Matthews about the Trump trials, the art of jury selection, and all the things they don’t teach you in law school. Did the jurors whack Trump for his in-court antics? Or because his case was garbage? Spoiler Alert: YES. 


Rich Matthews Juryology: Art & Science of Jury Persuasion


US v. Trump [SDFL Docket] 


US v. Trump [DC District Docket]


US v. Trump [DC Circuit Docket] 


Trump v. Anderson [SCOTUS Docket] 


What Justice Scalia Thought About Whether Presidents Are “Officers of the United States”, by Roger Parloff at Lawfare


FCDA Response to Mike Roman Motion to Disqualify 


Mike Roman Response Re Motion to Disqualify 



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