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Ep 19 — All The Trump That’s Fit To Print (Feat. Anna Bower)

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This weekend Donald Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela. Liz talks with Lawfare’s Anna Bower, who lives out of a suitcase covering the Trump trials beat, to see if she agrees. Plus, WTF is going on with Trump’s bond in the New York civil fraud trial?




Trump’s Lawyers Told the Court That No One Would Give Him a Bond. Then He Got a Lifeline, but They Didn’t Tell the Judges. 


Businessman behind Trump's NY bond says he charged him a 'low fee'


US v. Trump [SDFL Docket via Court Listener] 


People of NY v. Trump [Court docs via Just Security] 


State of GA v. Trump [Court docs via Just Security] 


Special Counsel Threatens To Go To 11th Circuit, Reminds Judge Cannon What Happened The Last Time She Tried This Shit 


Trump NY Bond Just As Kosher As His Financial Statements 

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