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Habits of the Home: Advent | Preparing to Prepare

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Join Dana and Stu for the second season of the Habits of the Home: Advent podcast.

We have created a prayer book for the community at Lagan Valley Vineyard to journey through the rich season of Advent together, with our families and in our homes. Through a daily rhythm of blessing, prayers and scripture we are invited to open ourselves to the arrival of Jesus once again.

In this episode, Dana and Stu discuss how we can set liveable expectations for engaging with the rhythm of Advent. They also take time to reflect on the shape of family devotional rhythms in their everyday lives.

Show Notes

- You can pick up a copy of the Habits of the Home prayer book at Sunday Services in our Church Venue throughout December. If you are unable to join us on Sundays but want to receive a copy, email [email protected]

- We have created a series of playlists for your families, which you can find here:

- To listen back to Season One of our podcast, visit: