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There is much that often gets labeled as taboo or falls into the hush hush culture within the Punjabi and Sikh Community. Kaur Voices Talk Show is a space to unveil these topics and discuss them openly in a non-offensive manner where we can encourage healthy dialogue. Kaur Voices Talk Show is a space inspired by the Kaur Voices movement to give every voice a choice. Talking is necessary and on the Kaur Voices Talk Show we hope to cultivate a non-judgmental, open space which is welcoming to all in order to provide support to those that need it and encouragement to share your stories for those that are able. We want to hear your story, your story is valuable and has the power to inspire others because its real, this is your space to share your story. Jasvir Kaur Rababan is the CEO of Raj Academy and co-founder of KaurVoices.org, a platform for the empowerment of Sikh women. SikhNet has teamed up with her to create a regular talk show available as a full podcast as well as excerpt videos posted to SikhNet's youtube and facebook channels. Jasvir Kaur Rababan MBE, is an educator, activist, musician, film maker, music therapist and the founder of the Kaur Voices Movement. Her own journey of abuse and trauma led her on a path of self discovery, where she discovered the techniques of Guru Nanak’s healing music and found her one true love, her Rabab. Jasvir has been actively engaged in the field of Sikh Music revival and education with Raj Academy for more than 17 years, completing her B.Mus and MA in Sikh Music Therapy in England. Jasvir has used this technology of Guru Nanak to heal her own wounds and hopes to share these techniques with others who need emotional support through her work at Kaur Voices. Kaur Voices is a space for all voices, all people and all stories, it is a space inspired by Guru Nanak’s message of Oneness and that is what Jasvir hopes to achieve, a sangat of love, support and oneness.

27 Episodes

  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 27 - The Mental Health Spotlight - Jessie Brar


    Jessie Brar made the list of 100 Most Influential Sikhs Under 30! As founder of The Mental Health Spotlight, she shares how she turned her struggles with mental health and PTSD into a career helping others to overcome the same – especially in the South Asian community. Jessie shares how important it was for her to see other people who looked like her and understood her culture who were speaking out about these issues. It gave her the courage to initially seek help. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 26 - Creating Safe Spaces - Sardarni Navleen Kaur - Sahara Sisterhood


    How do we create safe spaces for women and children? Sardarni Navleen Kaur is the Sikh Community educator at the Central Gurdwara Khalsa Jatha London. She currently teaches SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social Cultural Development & and Sikh Studies) worldwide. SMSC aims to do just that. She also runs women’s empowerment workshops and mindfulness courses. She coordinates projects at the Children’s Gurdwara Project on faith empowerment in London. She is the chair of the Cinq Étoile Dashmesh Academie in Paris running regular leadership development programmes for European Sikh youth and most recently is focusing on her consulting company called Sahara Sisterhood with a special focus on Safeguarding and Mental Health. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

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  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 25 - Empowering Women | Puneet Kaur Dhillon, PhD


    Hello Beautiful Souls, this week on Kaur Voices, our guest is Puneet Dhillon, PhD who is doing some AMAZING work to Empower Women. Her research has shown that when men’s perception of women’s roles change it influences men’s treatment of women. Presently, she works in Communications and Research at Punjabi Community Health Services. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 24 - Kaur Voices, The Movement | Meet The Core Team


    Do you think Kaur Voices is just for women? Meet our team and find out why Kaur Voices is a space for all people. Jasvir Kaur Rababan, founder of Kaur Voices, chose "Kaur" to represent a nurturing energy for this space, and it also speaks to the "core" voices within us all that need to be heard. Hear from each of the team about why they feel inspired to support this seva, and why this space is needed. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 23 - Your Questions Answered | #MeTooSikh Movement


    This week, Jasvir Kaur Rababan addresses your concerns, questions and comments regarding the last episode of Kaur Voices Talk Show called "Ep 22 - Sexual Abuse in Gurdwaras." Please watch this episode to understand her intention behind sharing this difficult topic, and learn about the https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/metoosikh?__cft__[0]=AZXAB8WcpIY604aX8BZfs3XnuW78EXkCGvePwQ70tmww3iE6lZxDfZnwMhPYIyI5QJjPEZCMcI5vi3UxE2mA22AyRdvtpfk50bNCZWi-g3jO4A_dSFB4h9ZFc8deyVFPIDxFOaWPdDnm7g0u8-6dYw1kxYSKd--HVOlYABxK1rJOb31bf4Q06z7eNlTHPSbXFTQ&__tn__=*NK*F (#MeTooSikh) Movment she is launching and why it's so important. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 22 - Sexual Abuse | Featuring the story of a Sikh Family of Maryland


    Listen to the story of one Sikh family in Maryland who had the courage to speak out and support their daughter, but were not supported by their Gurdwara. The man who sexually abused their daughter of 12 at the time, continues to serve as a Granthi and teach kirtan to children. Why are we allowing this? We must protect our children and stand up for the safety of our sangat. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 21 - Preetinder Singh | Renowned Musician and Researcher


    Preetinder Singh is a renowned musician, researcher and educator in the field of Sikh Music and a lead tutor at Raj Academy. Raj Academy is at the forefront on Sikh Music education and revival since 1994, creating a global renaissance in the world of Sikh Music. Preetinder has travelled and performed globally alongside his teacher, Professor Surinder Singh, taking the Taus to global platforms, world stages and raising it’s voice to new heights. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 20 - Kalbir Bains | Talk on Domestic Violence


    "With tremendous courage, Kalbir Bains breaks through taboos. She has transcended from victim to advocate for those suffering from domestic abuse, including honour-based violence, girl abortion, and dowry abuse. "NOT our daughter! The true story of a daughter-in-law" is a book by Kalbir Bains; it’s also been turned into a short film. Through telling her story Kalbir gives others the courage to break through a veil of shame, thus disempowering abusers. As a volunteer for The Sharan Project Kalbir educates the younger generation on honour-based abuse and encourages them not to suffer in silence. She is also changing public policy by educating CPS, police force, and health workers. Her work is chipping away at the cycles of abuse." Listen to this important conversation with her in Episode 20 of Kaur Voices. Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 19 - Taraki | Mental Health Awareness with Shuranjeet Singh


    We all know someone who has experienced mental health difficulties: whether ourselves, family members, or friends. Within Punjabi communities, those living with mental health difficulties can face stigma from family and friends, wider society, as well as within health care settings, which can sometimes lead to increased isolation and a lack of support." Learn how Taraki is working to raise awareness, educate and faciliate social support for those suffering from Mental Health issues. Listen to this Podcast with Jasvir Kaur Rababan and Shuranjeet Singh, founder and director of Taraki. Visit http://www.sikhnet.com/kaurvoices?fbclid=IwAR0pAQe_tDvp_mHBT8sUNaRC_gbVgpz6VdgvawZI_XupLimjN7hsbn9F2fE (www.sikhnet.com/kaurvoices) Support this podcast
  • Kaur Voices Talk Show podcast

    EP 18 - The Kaur Movement with Gurpreet Kaur & Bishamber Das


    Gurpreet from The Kaur Movement joins us again with Bishamber Das Kaur, the first South Asian plus size model and youngest magistrate judge at 22 in the UK. Together, let's raise awareness and break the silence to put an end to sexual abuse and the shame and blame game. Learn more and join us at: http://www.sikhnet.com/kaurvoices?fbclid=IwAR1hKQzuQSBxDgoLU7jK2DXETl7RTYzKacWTQdc5XRTCrnOQsB0MkntCLMo (www.sikhnet.com/kaurvoices) Support this podcast

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