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  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    The numbers say it all


    In our latest podcast we are joined by IUMI Facts & Figures Committee Chairperson Philip Graham, and Vice-Chairperson Astrid Seltmann, to take a deep dive into the IUMI statistics that were presented at the IUMI annual conference earlier this month. Philip and Astrid discuss the market, the results, trends in the cargo, hull, and offshore energy markets, sustainability issues and much more.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    IUMI's 2021 Annual Conference


    In our latest IUMI podcast we speak with IUMI Secretary General Lars Lange about the upcoming IUMI annual conference, scheduled to take place on 2-15 September 2021. Lars highlights some of the upcoming presentations that will look at topics such as containership fires, sustainability, digitalisation, COVID-19, to name a few. Lars also discusses the positives and negatives of hosting an online event for the second year due to the ongoing travel restrictions.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

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  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    Education Forum Update


    In the latest instalment of the IUMI podcast, John Miklus, IUMI Education Forum Chairperson and President of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU), talks to us about what the Education Forum is all about and its current activities. John also discusses the importance of the Forum for the next generation of marine insurers and what is coming up next in IUMI's education programme.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    A look at the Cargo Integrity Group


    In our latest podcast Peregrine Storrs-Fox, a Founding Partner of the Cargo Integrity Group (CIG) and Risk Management Director of the TT Club, takes the hot seat to talk to us about cargo integrity and the CIG. Peregrine discusses the work of the group and how the organisation works with other stakeholders, as well as looking at the CTU Code (Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units) and its biggest challenges.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    Policy Forum Podcast


    In our latest podcast join Helle Hammer, IUMI's Policy Forum Chairperson and Managing Director of The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers (Cefor) as she discusses the role of the Policy Forum, the biggest issues currently under review and what new risks are emerging.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    Container losses at sea


    In this month's podcast IUMI Secretary General Lars Lange comes to the recording studio to talk about the increasingly concerning issue of container losses at sea. Lars discusses the issues and root causes behind containers being lost at sea, as well as examining the impact of these losses on marine insurance.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    Crew change crisis


    Don’t miss our new podcast on the highly topical and relevant ongoing crew change crisis. This month we were joined by three guest speakers from P&I and H&M insurer Gard - Alice Jackson Amundsen, Vice President, Head of People Claims; Kunal Pathak, Loss Prevention Manager Asia; and Malene Wang, a lawyer in Gard’s Asian charterers and traders defence team. All three speakers debated the current situation and identified the challenges and the long-term effects of the crisis on seafarers and shipping more generally. They went on to discuss how the industry was responding and touched on a range of other related issues.    
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    ESG factors - vital for the future


    In IUMI's latest podcast IUMI President Richard Turner, IUMI Executive Committee Vice-Chairperson Anneke Kooiman and IUMI Policy Director Hendrike Kühl come together to talk about the growing importance of environmental, social and governance factors for marine insurance. The team discusses the positive contribution ESG factors offer companies and highlight specific areas of interest and IUMI's role.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    Delving into digitalization


    In our latest podcast we talk with IUMI's Data & Digitalization Forum Chairperson Patrizia Kern, IPP Concirrus Technical Consultant Matthew Madahar and fellow IPP Windward's Commercial Director Ross Davis. Patrizia, Matthew and Ross discuss the acceleration of digitalization, how emerging digital technologies are creating new opportunities and how these should be embraced. We hope you enjoy it.
  • IUMI Podcast podcast

    2019 Stats Review


    In the next edition of the IUMI podcast series Facts & Figures Committee Chairperson Philip Graham and Vice-Chairperson Astrid Seltmann take the microphone to discuss the main trends from the 2019 IUMI statistics review. Philip and Astrid also chat about the impact the pandemic is currently having on marine insurance and how they see the market developing over the coming year. 

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