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Islamic Media Podcast is an independent podcast run by a team of Sunni Muslims who are dedicated to providing the Muslims all around the world with authentic Sunni Islamic knowledge that can be traced back all the way to our Prophet (peace be upon him). We believe the Muslims today are in extreme need for authentic Islamic knowledge to practice their Religion. The ignorance in the Religion is the main reason why the Muslims are going through extremely tough times today. We ask Allah to facilitate this journey for us and to make our work full of blessings and sincere intentions. Please follow us and spread the word on your social media outlets so we can all benefit. For inquiries or if you want to download a certain lesson or speech in a MP3 format please email me at: [email protected] and I'll be happy to assist.

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  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    اوراد التحصين


    اوراد التحصين by Islamic Media Podcast
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 20


    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 20 by Islamic Media Podcast
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

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  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 19


    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 19 by Islamic Media Podcast
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 18


    Quraysh violates one of the conditions of the Hudaybiyah Treaty. They send Abu Sufyan to prevent war without any avail. After being captured, Abu Sufyan embraces Islam. The Prophet enters Makkah in the blessed month of Ramadan, 8 H, without fighting, wearing a black turban. Our Prophet says, “O Quraysh, people of Makkah, what do you think I am going to do to you?” They say, “We expect good from you. You are a good brother and cousin.” Our Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam, says, “Go. You are free.” A large tribe called Hawazin ambushes the Muslims in the valley of Hunayn, hurling arrows and projectiles at them. The battle intensifies. God puts fear in the hearts of Hawazin and they are defeated. At the end of the 8th Hijriyy year, a son named Ibrahim, is born to the Prophet with his slave Mariyah. However, he lives for less than two years. The Prophet weeps for his death and states that weeping out of sadness for the departure of a dear one is permissible.
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 17


    The Messenger of Allah sends messages to various rulers of the area, including The King of Abyssinia; the Vicegerent of Egypt; the Emperor of Persia; Heraclius, the King of the Byzantines (Romans); the Governor of Bahrain; the Governor of Yamamah; the King of Damascus; and the two kings of Oman. Some of the rulers embrace Islam upon receiving the message, others do not embrace Islam but are polite, and others act furiously concerning the message’s contents. The Muslim army opens the eight fortresses of Khaybar. Jewish men are spared provided they worked in the land and half the product be given to the Muslims. A Jewish woman poisons the meat for the Prophet who miraculously survives it. Abu Hurayrah embraces Islam. The Prophet marries Safiyyyah and Ramlah. The Muslims encounter the huge Roman army in Mu’tah where three leaders are martyred in succession. Khalid Ibnul-Walid “The Sword of God” takes over the command and saves the Muslim army from defeat.
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 16


    Banun-Nadir are expelled to Kahybar in the 4th year. Banu Quraydhah surrender to the Prophet in the 5th year. A few of them become Muslim. Moreover, the Prophet is victorious over the Arab tribe Banul-Mustaliq, who was planning to attack Madinah. Many of them embrace Islam after the Prophet marries a woman of them called Juwayriyah. Additionally, several men spread a rumor that Lady ^A’ishah committed adultery with a Companion called Safwan. Allah reveals her innocence and the punishment of whipping them for such a slander. In the 6th year, a treaty at Hudaybiyah between the Muslims and the pagans of Makkah is signed. Despite the apparent disadvantage to the Muslims, within two years, the treaty results into opening Makkah, all of Makkans embracing Islam, and other people entering Islam in large numbers.
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 15


    At Uhud, due to the archers’ deserting their posts, the enemy came behind the Muslims, and the Prophet was separated from his Companions. However, the Prophet as well as several Companions continued their fight. A short time afterwards, Muslims managed to resume control over the battle. However, seventy (70) Companions were killed, one of whom was Hamzah, the Prophet’s uncle. Moreover, the blasphemers disfigured the dead Muslims’ bodies, including cutting off their noses and ears making necklaces of them. Hind, Abu Sufyan's wife, chewed Hamzah’s liver. In the fifth year, three groups of blasphemers formed an alliance to attack Madinah. However, Muslims surprised them with a wide trench that prevented them from entering Madinah. Then, Allah sent a fierce, fearful, and uncompromising wind during a dark, chilling night. The wind hit the Allied Factions, turned over their pots, uprooted their tents, and spread terror among their ranks.
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 14


    An overview of the ages of some Companions at the time of Immigration is given due to being the main transmitters of the Prophet’s hadiths. Due to their treachery, the Prophet besieges and orders the Jews of Qaynaqa^ to leave Madinah. The idolators of Quraysh want to avenge their loss at Badr. They mobilize a large army to attack the Muslims in Madinah. A serious battle takes place at Uhud in Shawwal of the third Hijriyy year. The hypocrites who constitute one-third of the army withdraw before the battle erupts. The Prophet stations fifty archers to protect the backs of the Muslim army. The Muslims have the upper hand.
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 13


    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 13 by Islamic Media Podcast
  • Islamic Media Podcast podcast

    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 6


    The Glorious Sirah Lesson 6 by Islamic Media Podcast

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