Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind.

Tara Whitney

Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. is a podcast for those on a journey to move beyond dieting, restricted eating and emotional eating and want to connect with, nourish and honor their bodies. Tara Whitney, CPA and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor shares her own journey, insights and practices to support you along your journey. She also has amazing conversations with those that have evolved their own relationship with food. They share what life is like now that their minds are free and they trust their bodies.

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  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #79: Perfectionism and How to Let It Go


    In this solo episode, Tara shares why she never considered herself a perfectionist, yet how it was clear that she’s been a perfectionist for most of her life. She shares how she defines perfectionism as a strategic tactic to secure safety and how to move forward to dismantle perfectionistic patterns.   
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #78: Body Respect with Dr. Lindo Bacon


    Dr. Lindo Bacon shares why calling out and noticing diet culture can be so challenging because it’s countercultural and risky, why what diet culture is selling is only creating the problem, the importance of looking at your own experience with food as validation, challenging weight stigma and advocating for every body being worthy of respect.  Dr. Bacon also shares their personal story around their gender identity and offers reassurance that our past stories can be reclaimed as a source of power and much more around self-acceptance, hope and living inside of your body.  Dr. Lindo Bacon is a researcher and former professor, and for nearly two decades taught courses in social justice, health, weight, and nutrition. Dr. Bacon holds a Ph.D. in physiology with a specialty in nutrition, and master’s degrees in psychology and exercise metabolism. Dr. Bacon has mined their deep academic proficiency, their clinical expertise, and their personal experience to write two bestselling books, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight, and the co-authored Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight. Their newly released book, Radical Belonging: How to Survive and Thrive in an Unjust World (While Transforming it for the Better) , takes their inspiring message beyond size, to shaping a culture of empathy, equity, and true belonging. Twitter and Facebook: @LindoBaconX Instagram: @LindoBacon Check out  Radical Belonging:
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

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  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #77: A Guide to Trusting Your Body with Tara Whitney


    For many folks, the idea of trusting their body feels foreign. We’ve been taught to prioritize external rules and dismiss information our body shares with us. We haven’t been taught how to celebrate or even honor the wisdom of our bodies.  Yet, the lack of trust we have in our bodies is what makes us feel so out of control around food, emotionally eat, binge, and feel so dissatisfied with our bodies.  I’ve designed my Trust Your Body Framework as a tool for folks that want to take steps toward feeling free and peaceful around food, accept their bodies and feel emotionally empowered.  On the podcast, I share the components of the Trust Your Body Framework and how it may support you on your own journey.   
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #76: Uncovering the Truth with Noom, the “Obesity Epidemic” and White Feminism with Virginia Sole-Smith


    Virginia Sole-Smith woke up to the impact of diet culture when her daughter had a significant health crisis that drove her to not eat when she was 2 months old because she didn’t feel safe. This was the catalyst for Virginia to examine her own relationship with food and to decide that she needed to make food joyful and her home a safe space for her family.  On the podcast, Virginia and I discussed what it’s like to not believe we’re dieting, but are.  Virginia talked about the Noom app, which is essentially a diet for smart people in different packaging. She wrote an informative and insightful article here. We talked about the so-called obesity epidemic and how the Body Mass Index, politics and the pharmaceutical industry have played a pivotal role in how we look at obesity. And we talked about white feminism and it’s origins with equal pay and abortion rights.   
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #75: Raising an Intuitive Eater with Sumner Brooks


    Sumner Brooks, RD is educating and empowering parents to raise intuitive eaters, even when they’ve had a tumultuous relationship with food and their own body.  On the podcast, Sumner shares the starting point for parents raising an intuitive eater is creating a paradigm of health based on personal values and teaching children how to relate to their bodies, which includes considering all of the other ways their bodies are impacted by their choices (food isn’t the primary one, it’s just one of them).  Sumner also emphasizes that raising an intuitive eater isn’t about being a perfect parent, it’s allowing parents to heal where they are.  We also talked about how our children can be our greatest teachers around food and our body and how parents can not be happy with their own bodies, and still encourage their children to be happy with theirs.  Sumner shared that when parents are worried about their child's health and weight, it’s important to understand the significant health issues behind dieting and weight cycling.  Social media handles: @IntuitiveEatingRD @edrdpro Sumner is the co-author of How to Raise an Intuitive Eater that is available now for preorder and comes out on January 4, 2022.
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #74: Healing Pain and Embracing Your Body’s Wisdom with Dr. Kimberly Higney


    Dr. Kimberly Higney, a chiropractor specializing in natural hormonal health, personally knows what it’s like to turn her attention away from her body’s wisdom and what it’s like to honor it. In this conversation, Dr. Kimberly drops some amazing truth bombs that will land in your heart and fill you with relief.  Dr. Kimberly and I talked about practicing self-compassion when understanding that we have patterns that served us at one point in our lives and those patterns may no longer serve us. We talked about what it’s like to number all emotions, not just the unwanted ones, and how to be with our body when we are in pain. Dr. Kimberly offers some advice on how to find nourishment in all areas of our lives, including what information we receive. We also discussed fear and love, and how to be curious when considering our choices.  Dr. Kimberly is the owner of Cardea on the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  Follow Dr. Kimberly on Instagram at  
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #73: Expanding the Intuitive Eating Community with More Access and Healing with Jenna Hollenstein


    Jenna Hollenstein, nutrition therapist and meditation teacher, knows how life-transforming the practices of intuitive eating are. She shares her unique approach from a meditation and Buddhist lens in her book “Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life.”  On the podcast, Jenna and I talked about how important it is to expand the intuitive eating community by expanding communication, access and additional ways of healing. Jenna talked about how important it is to get folks in the same room to share openly so they can hear they are not alone. Jenna also shared the opportunity men have with intuitive eating, which is a practice of being with emotions.  Check out Jenna’s latest book Mommysattva.  Connect with Jenna here:  
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #72: Surviving and Thriving Despite Weight Stigma with Krista Handfield


    Krista Handfield, LICSW is a health equity and justice-oriented social worker rooted in Health At Every Size. On the podcast, Krista shares why everyone is impacted by weight stigma, and how important it is to understand the poor health outcomes that folks in larger bodies experience because of this form of oppression. She also shares the importance of living with the body we have, instead of putting our life on hold for the body we’re told we should have. We talked about why breaking up with exercise may be a necessary step in healing because for some it’s been a form of punishment for living in a larger body. Krista shares where we typically experience weight stigma, among our family, in health systems and in schools.  Learn more about Krista and the work she’s doing at SHAPE.  
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #71: More Than Your Weight with Brianna Wilkerson


    Brianna Wilkerson, Holistic Health Coach shares her story around how she’s moved away from emotional eating and eating disordered behavior by understanding that her worth is more than her weight.  Brianna shares how she now understands how she was designing her life around receiving external validation around her weight, success and bank account. Brianna know that when she tries to pursue weight loss, it only leaves her exhausted and unfulfilled.  On the podcast, we also talked about how important it is to offer ourselves nourishment in other areas of our lives and how what we may really need is connection.  I had a great conversation with Brianna on her podcast More Than Your Weight - Episode 102: How to Trust Your Body and Free Your Mind around Food. You can listen to it here.  ** On this episode, Brianna and I talked about a diet called Whole 30. On the Whole 30 diet, certain foods are considered “good” foods and better than other foods. In Intuitive Eating, we unlearn the diet mentality and practice eating for satisfaction and our health. For most people, following Whole 30 is not an intuitive eating practice.  Learn more about Brianna here.  Brianna is also hosting Your Healthiest Years Yet Summit, a 5-day free summit for women over 40 starting October 18th. I’m presenting How Over-Giving is Impacting Your Relationship with Food and Your Health!  Learn more and sign up here. 
  • Hungry: Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind. podcast

    #70: How to Embody Love with Dr. Melody Moore


    Dr. Melody Moore, psychologist and yoga teacher, is leading a movement of personal and collective healing and liberation. She founded the EmbodyLove Movement so that everyone can claim beauty on their own terms.  On the podcast, Melody shares:  Her personal experience watching her mother’s disordered eating patterns as a young child.  Her profound healing from trying to keep her body safe and unattractive, to knowing true liberation and pleasure.  Her vision for what the world needs to heal from the thin body ideal and the patriarchal oppressive systems.  How important intention and consciousness is to embody love and feel worthy of our own love and belonging. Visit Dr. Moore’s website at Support and receive support from the Embody Love Movement.

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