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#71 Hello Someday: A Coffee with Casey McGuire Davidson

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This week I'm having coffee with Casey Davidson, sober coach and host of the Hello Someday podcast! Casey is 8 years sober and she's sharing her story with us this week. Her journey really speaks to the fact that drinking is progressive; it all started off fun and kind of funny, until it wasn't anymore. By the time Casey got sober, she had a successful career and was married with kids, but her drinking was bringing down her mental health and holding her back from living her best life. In this conversation she shares how sobriety transformed her life, and what worked for her to make it stick! Connect with Casey: Instagram: @caseymdavidson Podcast: The Hello Someday Podcast for Sober Curious Women Website (+free guide!): hellosomedaycoaching.com Connect with me: Instagram: @happiestsober Weekly newsletter: happiestsober.com Community: Happiest Sober Hub If my content has helped you on your sober journey and you'd like to support my work, you can buy me a coffee dchoices

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