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Giving Voice to Depression

Giving Voice to Depression

Depression affects more than 300,000,000 worldwide. So basically, if you don't have it yourself, you know someone who does. Giving Voice to Depression was founded to start discussions that reduce stigma and promote understanding. We look at depression from many angles. A journalist with depression pre-produces short (7-10 minute) interview segments, and then the sister co-hosts, who both live with depression, comment on the issues presented. The episodes are informative and hopeful-- and seldom depressing. It's time to shine some light on depression's darkness! Join us.

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    197- Dual Diagnosis Depression and Substance-Use Disorders


    "About a third of all people experiencing mental illnesses and about half of people living with severe mental illnesses also experience substance abuse. These statistics are mirrored in the substance abuse community, where about a third of all alcohol abusers and more than half of all drug abusers report experiencing a mental illness," according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. That statistic, like all statistics, is about real people. Not numbers. This episode's guest, Donald, is one of those people. And he shares his story of dual diagnosis- living with substance use disorder in addition to depression and anxiety. NAMI re: dual diagnosis:
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    Invitation to Live Event- Explanation for No Episode This Week


    We're trying something new for the new year! Will you join us? We're trying a new schedule where we post new podcast episodes every other week (vs. every week for the past 5 years) and on alternating weeks we have a live zoom/Facebook lunchtime conversation. The first is scheduled for Wednesday, January 12th from 11:30-12:15 CST(lunch time.) The link below is to register (you will not be seen or see other attendees, though you will be able to post/communicate via chat)or you can join when we go live on Facebook. If you don't already follow Giving Voice to Depression on FB, please head over and join our wonderfully-supportive community. Link to webinar/live lunchtime chat:
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

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  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    196 - Resolving to Prioritize Our Mental Health in the New Year


    There is no health without mental health. So as we begin this New Year and think of the changes and resolutions we want to make, our brain health really needs to make the list. This weeks guest is psychologist, author and podcaster Dr. Margaret Rutherford. In our discussion we talk about the need for a holistic approach to life that prioritizes our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional selves. It's 21 minutes that could help you start the New Year in a very self-respectful way.
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    Season 19 Review


    If the idea of a podcast on depression makes you a little nervous (will it make me depressed?) this is the perfect way to comfortably explore the power of peer support via shared stories of lived experience. In just 18 minutes, you'll hear snippets of our last eleven episodes and get a feel for why Giving Voice to Depression is a tool you're gonna want to add to your mental-health toolkit. You are not alone in the darkness. Others are there or have been there and found ways out. There is much we can learn from each other. REQUEST: We are compiling answers to the question: What does your depression tell you ABOUT YOU? Please go to and use the record button in upper left corner to record an anonymous (voice only- no name) reply. If you prefer, use the voice memo feature on your phone and email it to [email protected] Hearing how predictably-similar depression's lies are will help us all de-personalize them. Thank you.
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    To Those Who Struggle This Christmas


    You are not required to be "joyful" or "merry" because of the date on the calendar. This is a special Christmas edition of our podcast, written and produced especially for YOU, who are struggling right now. It's only 7-minutes long, and we believe it will resonate with and comfort you like it does us. You are not alone. You do matter. People DO care. It WILL pass. Come hang out on the GIving Voice to Depression Facebook community page today if you need support. John's article, if you'd like a copy or to read vs. hear it is linked here:…-this-christmas/
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    195- It’s Really Hard to Fix Something That’s Broken With Something That’s Broken.


    There’s an aspect of having depression that doesn’t get mentioned or addressed much. And that’s the need of some to completely redefine themselves after being taken down by the illness. Such was the case for Davey. He went from "the go-to guy" to being "just done." On disability, he dug into learning about his depression and anxiety. He found good doctors and therapists. He learned a lot. And now he wants to share the lessons that help him each day. In “It’s Really Hard to Fix Something That’s Broken With Something That’s Broken,” Davey talks about "tools for a time" and other gems. We can learn so much from each other.
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    Keeping Mental Health in Mind When Planning for the Holidays (remix)


    Phew! There is so much to think about this time of year. From traditions, family and faith, to gifts and decorations and cooking and cleaning and traveling, and, and, and. But as we make plans for all of that, how often do we stop, check in with ourselves and factor in our mental health and whether The Expectations we've set will nourish or deplete us? This episode, a remix from a few Decembers back, offers a look at Scrooge through a therapist's compassionate lens, some advice on not getting caught up in Holiday Expectations, and "the best and kindest thing" you can do this time of year for someone in your life who is struggling.
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    194- Journaling to Get the Ugly Out


    Looking for a new mental-health management tool? How about a creative one that "gets the ugly out" while maintaining your privacy? Our guest, Gina Barry, tells us how she modified the practice of writing "morning pages" into a more-private, freeing and effective way to get the darkness, depression and grief out of her head. Gina says giving your feelings a voice helps them not just sit there, on a repetitive loop. In just 19-minutes, you could learn a new technique that could help you manage your depression and other mental-health challenges.
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    Podcast Recording Blooper


    My sister and I, who co-host the Givng Voice to Depression podcast, take mental health and our advocacy of it very seriously. We do not, however, take ourselves real seriously. This morning we tried to record our next episode and I simply could not say the phrase "mental-health management techniques" and my sisters HUGE laugh lets you know how much she enjoyed that. We may have a heavy, serious illness. But we are not always heavy and serious.
  • Giving Voice to Depression podcast

    Holidays & Controlling What We Can


    The pandemic has taken a toll. On our traditions and education and families and mental health. Licensed psychologist Dr. Maggie Mulqueen acknowledges this year's challenges and offers advice on both how to re-frame the holidays to make them better, as well as what to avoid to keep from making them worse. This 18-minute remix could help you in the coming weeks. Link to referenced article:

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