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Living a Low Toxin Life: Making Decisions Today for A Better Tomorrow

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True health is not merely an absence of illness. It’s an overwhelming feeling of being content in every aspect of your life. It’s thriving. It’s feeling GOOD! This may sound impossible to strive for, but it’s what we all deserve - and it’s the complete opposite of what is happening in the world right now. Join Rachel on the podcast today as we journey toward health. She shares her own story, from growing up in Sweden living an unhealthy lifestyle, to making a change overnight to a raw vegan diet in Costa Rica. As she transitioned to highly-processed, nonorganic foods in Aruba, then discovered toxic mold in her home, she discusses where she is now: the foods she eats, the supplements she takes, and the intuitive connection with her body she is beginning to feel again. Why can it be so difficult to make healthy choices? Why do we fluctuate from day to day, season to season, and year to year? Don’t beat yourself up if you are in a rut with your health right now. This is a complex issue that is rooted in public policy, privilege, and even our genetics. But research shows that lifestyle choices do make a crucial difference - and so do our voices in standing up for ourselves and our communities. Tune in today for an important episode that will inspire you to overhaul your health practices and reconnect with that intuitive voice inside that knows what to do. There may not be one magical cure for all, but there is something that is just right for you. If you know better, you can do better. And it’s by having these conversations that we can make a change.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    From Surrender to Support: Letting Yourself Be Held


    Are you feeling alone? A little overwhelmed? You don’t have to do everything on your own. Today’s episode will hold you through that realization. Rachel begins by sharing the peace of mind she has been able to find through her spiritual practices, in the midst of the chaos of getting ready to move across the world. Longing for a sense of overall calm in her life, she realizes - there is a place to land waiting for her. People who love her have been there every step of the way. In the hardest times, your people have your back. But to allow someone to support you, you have to surrender. Accepting help from others may not be easy, but it’s worth the beauty found on the other side. We all need a community. Tune in to let yours in. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Returning to Our Roots, Caring for the Earth, and Living as Nature


    If there is one truth, it is this: we are nature. Today’s episode begins with a meditation to remind you of that. You will physically connect with the ground below you and energetically imagine your roots going deep into the earth. Rachel then continues to discuss the craving she has had lately to fully immerse herself in nature: to grow her own food, to drink water from a natural spring, to spark her own fires. We tend to look at nature as a remedy to our lives, but we might be seeing things from the wrong direction.  Nature may be calling us home. If you are longing for a different life, today’s episode will plant the seed on how to embrace who you really are on a cellular level. What you are longing for may be right outside your front door. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

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  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    My Creative Process (Conversations From The Tea Table)


    The creative process is tricky, elusive, and completely different for everyone. If you’ve been feeling uninspired lately, today’s episode will anchor you into your unique creative qualities - and maybe stir within you your next big project. Joining Rachel from her tea table today, she shares her own creative process. It is one that has shifted since a major burnout and a worldwide pandemic, but one thing has always remained the same. Now gearing up for her first major creative project in two years, she shares the messiness behind it and the journey she has taken to accept the way inspiration strikes. Maybe its not so much about what you create, but your ability to tap into the creative processes that work well for you - the ones that harness the authentic beauty you already have within. After all, the best things come from the heart. Tune in for an episode that will bring out yours! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Growing Together or Growing Apart? The Ups and Downs of Marriage and How To Make It Through a Hard Year


    How is your heart doing right now? If you’ve been struggling in your relationship lately, this episode is for you. Today’s show begins with a check in. You will get out of your thinking mind and really dive into the emotions that are moving through you in the here and now. Feeling vulnerable and yearning for depth, Rachel then shares her own truth. She opens up about the her current relationship struggles with her husband, and the hills and valleys their marriage has seen over the past year. Relationships aren’t always easy, and neither is being vulnerable and letting your true feelings show. This episode will show you that in the end, moving through hard things are how we get closer to the ones we love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Why Being Close to Nature Is Being Close To Your Most Authentic Self


    There are many transits moving in the sky right now. If you’ve been feeling out of touch with yourself - that could be why! But today’s episode is here to bring you back home in more ways than one. Beginning with a meditation to connect to earth, Rachel then dives into the true concept of home. Why are there some places that just don’t feel like home? How can a physical location make us feel more like ourselves? What other versions of us are hiding within? As Rachel prepares for her move to Sweden, she recognizes the truth that Aruba just hasn’t felt like home lately. The life she pictured here didn’t turn out as planned - or maybe her inner self didn’t want it to. Home beckons to us. We can sense it when we move slowly, thoughtfully, and in tune with nature. Don’t get so busy or so caught up in life that you forget to actively participate in what you create. It all begins and ends with Mother Earth. Tune in for an episode that will remind you who you really are. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Your Chosen Family: Near, Far, but Always There


    Everywhere you go becomes a part of you somehow. In today’s episode, Rachel’s journey to Costa Rica is ending as she mourns the recent loss of someone very dear to her heart. Recognizing the collection of chosen family she has scattered throughout her second home, she reminisces on stories from the past and grieves a future that will never come to be. But our loved ones are never very far, are they? A short trip away, a brief phone call, or locked in our subconscious and seen only in dreams - we are connected to the ones we love when it really matters. Life changes over the years, but the scattered fragments of our hearts always guide us back home when the timing is right. This episode will bask you in gratitude for your chosen family, your memories, and all the places where you belong. Don’t forget to hold them tight. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Sometimes You Just Have to Jump: Out of Old Patterns and Into a New Life


    Are you willing to risk losing it all for the life you are meant to live? In today’s episode, Rachel is experiencing a full circle moment. She shares the story of leaving Sweden as a teen, finding herself in Costa Rica, everything she lost by making that decision, and how much more she gained. Now, many years later, she finds herself in a similar situation. But this time, she’s in Costa Rica just before moving back to Sweden. Standing on the edge of the same waterfall she stood at fourteen years ago, terrified to her core, she jumps. Because sometimes that’s just what we have to do. We have to jump off waterfalls, drop old patterns, and dive straight into a brand-new life. It takes an incredible amount of courage to put things aside for a dream, or to make impossible decisions in the hope of a better tomorrow. Are you willing to do it? Tune in to find out.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Leading with Love: Releasing Mom Guilt and Choosing Yourself


    As mothers, why is it so hard to put ourselves first? We know we cannot parent from an empty cup. Yet, the voice in the back of our heads is louder than ever when we do anything just for self-care. If you’re struggling with mom guilt, today’s episode is for you. As Rachel prepares for a trip to Costa Rica, the last minute cold-feet are setting in. This trip is just for fun, just for joy - just for her - so justifying it seems impossible. She shares her feelings surrounding mom guilt, how she prepares her daughter for time apart, and why its so important that Lea Luna knows this trip is solely for self-care. It comes down to who you want your kids to be when they grow up. Do you want them to sacrifice their wellbeing for others? Or do you want them to be able to confidently express their needs? It depends on what you do for yourself now. So, go on that trip. Take that alone time. Fill your cup. Tune in to drop the mom guilt and lead with love. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Making It Through Mercury Retrograde: Choose Love Over the Need to Be Right


    If you’re having an intense week, you’re not alone. With mercury retrograde, a new moon in Libra, and Mars and Chiron in the mix too, things are anything but ordinary. You may be feeling reactive in relationships, sensing manic energy with no outlet, or altogether facing challenge after challenge with no end in sight. If so, this episode is for you. Tune in as Rachel shares the story of her week, with in-depth examples of all the crazy things astrology is stirring up right now. From receiving unsolicited and irresponsible “healing”, to bickering with her husband, coming face to face with a deep wound of not feeling safe, and receiving a birthday message that ruined her day, it all culminates into one crucial learning. We get to choose our path forward. This episode will show you that you don’t have to get trapped in old stories or involve yourself in any drama. Instead, you can choose closeness, understanding, and the love that is always there. You just have to open your eyes to see it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart podcast

    Turn Self-Sabotage Into Self-Regulation - How Getting Out of Old Trauma Responses Can Completely Transform Your Life


    Are you stuck in an endless loop of self-fulfilling prophecy? Do you find the same challenging patterns repeating in your life, again and again? Do you have old wounds that keep resurfacing no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay? This is the episode for you. In this episode of the Yoga Girl Podcast Rachel talks about trauma response, learning how to self-regulate and how to heal our childhood wounds once and for all. She shares heartfelt and personal examples from her own life and touches on her own abandonment wound to illustrate that true change is actually possible, and that healing is available to us all. In pausing before we react we have the ability to change the course of our lives. In today’s episode you will learn not only how to recognize the patterns that may exist in your own life, but crucial steps to take to remove yourself from the self-fulfilling prophecy loop. We practice with small moments, with small fears, with mundane thoughts, so that when the big ones eventually come, we can meet them from a place of true resiliency. A lightbulb moment is waiting for you at the end of today’s episode. Tune in to find it.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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