From Nothing To Something With Joshua Crisp podcast

From Nothing To Something With Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp is an Amazon expert & master at strategy , marketing & brand development. Joshua’s online brands are responsible for grossing over $10 Million dollars online in just 4 1/2 years. Prior to discovering Amazon Joshua a high school drop out husband & father of 2 was working a job as a team agent for a company called Finatech where he would hand sort through trash for minimum wage. Joshua always new there was a better life out there for him and his family & strived to find it doing everything under the sun to find it. One day his mentor mentioned Amazon & how he thought it would be “the next big thing” and Joshua became obsessed. Long story short Joshua became an expert after his first 3 products failed his 4th hit it big and changed him & his families life! Thats where The AMZ Formula’s slogan came from “You’re Only 1 Product Away” Since then Joshua has built 3 large world recognized brands which has 12 skus & are responsible for Several million dollars in revenue per year. He has be able to invest his Amazon profits into real estate and amass 40+ commercial & residential multi family units & most importantly help 2,000+ people in 70+ countries get started or scale their Amazon business. Joshua is recognized as one of the industries leading experts in ecom & has the results to back it up. Joshua’s mission is to help 1,000’s of people around the world become financially free & location independent through the power of Amazon & Real Estate the same 7 figure blueprint he used to change him and his families lives for ever.

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