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Your Brain as a Sex Organ with Dipsea’s Gina Gutierrez

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“Good girls”, “naughty girls”, women with too tight skirts or too high heels. Women’s sexuality is being scrutinized and judged by forces outside of ourselves no matter what form it takes. Our guest today is Gina Gutierrez who seeks to empower women to stop listening to these outside voices and start listening to our inner eros by tuning in and turning on with audio erotica. We could not be more…excited.

TedX speaker with over 1M views, and member of the Forbes Under 30 2020 list, Gina Gutierrez is celebrated for her work focusing on using the imagination to ignite women’s sexuality. With her co-founder Faye Keegan she created the app Dipsea to help women define their desire in an empowered way through audio erotica stories. 

 In this episode Gina and Jen discuss:

  • The link between sexual fulfillment and the imagination

  • Celebrating selfishness in prioritizing sexual pleasure

  • Uncovering and healing the shame of “feeling different” 

  • How embracing the erotic gives us our power 

With Dipsea, Gina is helping provide a framework for how we can safely explore our fantasies and prioritize our own pleasure resulting in us being better lovers, caregivers and friends. 

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

"Desire isn't a problem to be solved — it's a fire to be stoked." - Gina Gutierrez

"The brain is the biggest sex organ and everyone can benefit from expanding their sexual imagination."  - Gina Gutierrez

“This idea of just giving up on what's possible to make you feel good and excited and make you want to turn towards your partner versus away from them or whatever it means to you, that felt like such a loss.” - Gina Gutierrez

“Nobody ever suggested to us that it was important or valuable to find out what turns us on ever. That was nothing that was ever suggested to us. In fact, it was kind of the opposite. A lot of us came up feeling like this is not something good girls say, we do not have this conversation.” 

- Gina Gutierrez

“Maybe you don't have less of an interest in sex than you thought. Maybe you function differently than you thought. And maybe actually products, experiences, and stories that made you feel more comfortable and made your brakes less, 'I don't want that,' stop slamming your brakes so much could make you relax into pleasure." - Gina Gutierrez


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