First Kill Recaps | LezCast: Queer & Lesbian Podcast podcast

First Kill Recaps | LezCast: Queer & Lesbian Podcast


Netflix First Kill Season 1 Recaps | First Kill features a leading lesbian couple--Juliet and Cal--who have been placed in a "Romeo and Juliet" style situation. They've fallen for each other...but are also destined to hunt each other. Each week host Amanda Costner breaks down a new episode of First Kill with a guest that offers a different background or point of view. There's also lots of fun along the way. First Kill is currently in Netflix' list of Top 10 Shows in the U.S. It has taken the lesbian community by force and become one of the latest shows to be obsessed over, particularly with the Margot and Talia shipping. The fans are also into IRL Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook, as well.

8 Episodes