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Ben Currier

Join 'Failure Guy' Ben Currier for a look into the darker side of success. In this podcast, we will find out the hardest moments successful people endured and the failures they encountered on the way towards actually 'making it'. It is said that we learn the most from our mistakes. Save yourself some time by seeing how my guests had things go horribly wrong and what they learned in the process!

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  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Fear and Self-Loathing had Given Way to Hope and Something Better" - Doug Crowe


    Doug Crowe is certainly a friend of failure and walks us through his most difficult moments on his path to success. His story includes losing a multi-million dollar business, nearly committing suicide, and reinventing himself with the help of an old 'friend'. We also meander through subjects including the future of AI and how he uses his motivational techniques to be a sort of "Author Whisperer" helping those with a story extract it and bring the best version of it to the world!
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Judge Me By The Enemies I Have Made" - Carole Baskin


    The one and only Carole Baskin joins me to talk about the latest updates on her ongoing effort to save Big Cats! She shares her insights on why it's so important to act now if we want to make sure Tigers are still here in the near future. She also sheds some light on the difficulties and disappointment related to how Tiger King ended up compared to how it was pitched. And we even get into what's next for her including NFTs, crypto and other ways in which we can utilize technology to help save the tigers!
  • Failure Guy podcast

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  • Failure Guy podcast

    "We Sell Happiness, How Do You Measure That?" - BluWave Wellbeing


    The founders of BluWave Wellbeing are basically best friends and business partners! Lisa Thompson and Libby Rapin are trying to help remove the stigma about mental health, especially in the workplace. They're trying to get companies to take mental health & awareness services much more seriously. In these uncertain days, it's even more important than ever to make sure your inner self is in order so that your outer self can succeed!
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Failure is an Event, Not a Person" - Christopher J. Wirth


    "It's not going to be a question of whether you get knocked down, we all get knocked down. We'll continue to get knocked down. But the question is: when you get back up, do you become a better version of yourself? Are you open and willing to become a better version of yourself?" - Christopher J. Wirth is definitely on my same wavelength. Watch as the motivational speaker & basketball coach attacks such hard-hitting topics such as divorce, self-doubt, and even Miniature Golf. Enjoy!
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Things Are Always Going to Take Longer Than You Expect" - Nate Rifkin


    Nate Rifkin did not take the typical path to becoming an author. After dealing with crippling debt, depression, alcohol addiction and battling inner demons, Nate actually came out ahead. Through sheer determination, he crawled his way out of the hole by even working as a sign spinner for longer than you'd probably guess! His book 'The Standing Meditation' goes over the Daoist practices he learned to help set hit mind and body right for a future that now includes him leaning into being a full-time writer. Truly an inspirational story that mirrors my own in ways I didn't expect!
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Unless You're Failing, You're Probably Not Aiming High Enough" - Steven Lavine


    Former President of the California Institute of the Arts (for 29 years!) Steven Lavine gives a peek behind the curtains of what it's like to be the president of a prestigious arts university. His book "Failure is What it's All About" highlights the many challenges that come along with being the face and key decision-maker at a top-tier arts school.
  • Failure Guy podcast

    Transformation Involves Breaking Yourself Into a Gooey Mess - Jennifer Harris


    Author Jennifer Harris discusses the not-so-great side of marriage as she shares with us her struggles with getting through her divorce. Many people would simply wallow in their sorrows, but Jennifer took her story and wrote a book to help others get through the sticky mess that is divorce.
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Don't Look at Your Failures as Negatives, But How They Brought You to Today" - Joey Leone


    What happens when you get the World's #1 Failure and his best friend from middle school together? Well you'd think it would just be light and fancy-free, but actually my guest Joey Leone has had a rough ride this pandemic and shares his struggles with addiction, self-worth, and how to keep smiling through the tough times.
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "The Most Successful People in the Planet are Serial Failures" - Steve D Sims


    The absolutely hilarious and enigmatic Steve D Sims graces my podcast to drop innumerable wisdom bombs from his experiences rubbing elbows with some of the world's most rich and famous people. His book 'Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen' explains his methods for getting what you want out of life. He's certainly a friend of failure, and helps remind all of us that "your failures and mistakes are there to refine you, NOT define you."
  • Failure Guy podcast

    "Failure is the First Attempt in Learning" Part 2 - Dave O'Dwyer


    As part of ADHD awareness month, the Spiritual Gentleman Dave O'Dwyer has his podcast debut on this two-part episode of the Failure Guy podcast. Follow along with Dave's story as he goes from living an Anthony Bourdain-esque lifestyle of being a full-time chef and transitioning to being an ADHD life coach for men in need. Keep an eye out for his upcoming book next year: tentatively 'The Adventures of a Skinny Chef'.

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