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The Experience Sikhi Podcast presents real and inspiring stories from Sikhs who have navigated their way through struggles and have paved pathways for generations to come. By sharing their stories, our guests bring a voice to common (but sometimes stigmatized) topics in our community. By coming together and sharing honest stories – no armour, pretence or sugar coating – we aim to help our listeners learn and heal. The goal is to dig deep inside of us and share what is in our heart, mind, and soul.

20 Episodes

  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 Bonus - Jaskanwal Singh


    Because Jaskanwal Singh’s story is such a deep one, we’ve added a bonus episode just for you. We will be going into a deep dive of Jaskanwal Singh’s book and other topics that we weren’t able to address in this episode such as feminism, toxic masculinity and self-worth vs. ego. 
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP11 Balwinder Kaur - Software Engineer


    Balwinder Kaur studied at the renowned Indian Institute of Technology most commonly known as IIT, and is currently working on a startup within the IoT space. She has previously worked at T-Mobile and AppDynamics which was acquired by Cisco. Balwinder was a pioneer in Android technology when it was being brought to the consumer market. In her spare time she volunteers as a Board member for Khalis Foundation who is responsible for apps such Sikhitothemax. She is also an organizer at Code.org.
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

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  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP10 Avneet Kaur - Lawyer


    Avneet Kaur Dhanoa is a Staff Lawyer at Legal Aid Ontario (LAO). At LAO, Avneet has founded the Superior Court of Justice Counsel program, managed the Mental Health Appeals and Test Case programs, and practiced as Criminal Counsel. Avneet has also worked as an Eligibility Officer at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in New Delhi, India, and as a legal intern at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa. Avneet enjoys travelling and has participated in research delegations to Rwanda and Venezuela. She completed her LLB at the University of Ottawa and undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto. Avneet also volunteers her time as a mentor at Experience Sikhi's annual Sikhia Career Development Retreat.
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP9 Dr. Amardeep Singh - Doctor


    Dr. Amardeep Singh is a medical physician who specializes in internal medicine at North York General Hospital and a part-time lecturer at the University of Toronto. Many of you may also recognize him from the ‘Dr. Deepy Show’ on Sikh Channel, where Dr. Singh uses his platform to bring awareness to many health issues that are prevalent in the Sikh community. Lastly, Dr. Amardeep Singh is a respected tabla player whose love for Sikhi and Kirtan is recognized across the continent. Born in Africa, raised in California, and now practicing in Toronto, Dr. Amardeep Singh has had quite the journey into the medical profession. We hope you all will draw inspiration from his unique journey and learn from the many struggles Dr. Singh has overcome to get to where he is today.
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP8 Ishnan Kaur - Editorial Designer


    Ishnan Kaur is a retired Editorial Designer. She immigrated to Sudbury Ontario in 1963 with her family during a time when the Sikh community was quite small. After high school, she moved back to India to connect to her roots and ended up staying for 10 years. During this time, she completed a Bachelors and Masters degree in Science but subsequently began working in journalism. She started her work as an editor for Ajit English in the years leading up to 1984. In this podcast, we’ll highlight the work she did during this important time for the Sikh panth. We’ll also touch on the impact her father, Professor Uday Singh and her mother, Bibi Surjit Kaur, had in the Sikh community. Ishnan Kaur has had an extraordinary journey and we can’t wait for you to hear it
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP7 Harinder Kaur - Deputy Sheriff


    Harinder Kaur Khalsa is a Deputy Sheriff who previously worked for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. In 2009, she was told she cannot wear her dastaar while in her Sheriff's uniform. For years, Deputy Sheriff Khalsa took a non-uniformed desk assignment that kept her segregated from the public. In this podcast, we talk to her about the struggles she faced as both a dastaar-wearing Sikh and as a woman. She has inspired many young people to fight for what they believe in despite outside noises. We can’t wait for you to hear her story.
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP6 Gurlin Kaur - Teacher


    Gurlin Kaur is an elementary school teacher currently teaching in the Peel District School Board as a Long-term Occasional Teacher. Anyone who knows Gurlin Kaur knows she is a natural-born teacher. She has worked in a range of environments where she learned valuable lessons that she’ll be sharing with us today. She talks about the importance of the arts and how social media and technology impact a child’s education. She’ll also touch on important topics that teachers face, such as the recent strike in Ontario and the struggles teachers have when looking for work in Ontario. This is a great resource if you’re looking to become educated on one of the most important careers in our society.  
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP5 Dr. Raminder Kaur - Obstetrician-Gynecologist


    Dr. Raminder Kaur is a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist (ob/gyn) who is currently completing her final year of a Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship. She is also pursuing a masters degree in clinical and translational research. She has taken quite a long journey to get to where she is at in her career. In today’s podcast, we’ll talk to her about that journey, the challenges she faced and how Sikhi played a role in her path. This is definitely a podcast that you’ll want to listen to, especially if you are interested in the medical field.
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP4 Bhai Onkar Singh - Pilot and Business Owner


    Bhai Onkar Singh Ji is the President of Aura Kitchens and Cabinetry. He started off his career as an engineer and eventually got into cabinet making. He went through many hardships to eventually own a successful business. He also has a pilot’s license and flies regularly across North America. In today’s podcast, we talk to him about the hurdles he faced in becoming a business owner as well as the experiences he has being an Amritdhari pilot. Bhai Onkar Singh Ji is an inspiring Gursikh who has also been blessed to do Amrit Sanchaar Seva across North America as well as be a father to two children. He is a veteran in his field and we can’t wait share his wisdom with the rest of you!
  • Experience Sikhi Podcast podcast

    S2 EP3 Brampton Grand (Eakamjit Singh) - Influencer


    Eakamjit Singh is a 24-year-old social media influencer from Brampton, Ontario. He attended St. Augustine Catholic Secondary School and started his online presence during his last semester of University in 2018 with the hope to make people laugh. Since then, Brampton Grand has grown immensely and become a household name. Today, we’ll talk to him about his business ventures, how Sikhi influences his work and where he plans on taking Brampton Grand in the future.

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