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Yarn & Protest Puppets (with Andy Ferguson)

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Do you ever make things in your house? Do you ever use YARN? Unwind the knotty world of knitting, coziness, and monster design with our friends Lilah, Gertie, Dot, and Andy Ferguson a.k.a. musician & puppeteer, Red Yarn! Andy shares a paper bag craft, using pantomime to create new puppetry characters, and how crafting can contribute to protest movements. Our pal Angela Diveglia shares about her time working with Bread and Puppet Theater and the giant protest puppets they've used in civic engagement since the 60's. Many thanks to Andy Ferguson for sharing his artistry and Red Yarn's song, Town Hall Meeting. You can find more of his music and puppetry at redyarnproductions.com. Thanks to librarian Angela Diveglia for hopping on the phone with old college friends to talk about her super-inspiring work (and muscles!) with Bread and Puppet Theater Company. If you're in Vermont, look 'em up! Vocabulary & Ideas in this episode include: Twizzle Pantomime Collaborate Protest puppetry To learn more or to be on the show, visit earsnacks.org

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