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Rainbows & Holi (with Charu Suri)

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Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows? Because there's SO MUCH TO SAY about them! Happy Holi! Andrew & Polly act as the prism for some awesome tangential concepts connected to ROY G BIV. Jazz piansit Charu Suri shares the connection between raga (Sanskrit for "color" or "dye") and the aura of music, as well as her love of the mischievously vibrant paint-throwing Festival of Colors, Holi! And Nina Silver takes us on a guided unpacking of flood myths and rainbows as symbols of hope in a sonically rich imagining of Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center. In this episode, you'll hear: Rainbow Shoppe by Andrew & Polly (feat. Lucy Kalantari) Bourbon Street Stroll (Raga Hemant) by Charu Suri from Rags & Ragas Aaj Rang Hai (Today There is Color) by Charu Suri from The Book of Ragas (Vol. 2) additional underscore by Andrew & Polly You can hear more colorful bops on our Spotify Playlist: Songs About Rainbows 🌈 Many thanks to Charu, Nina, and our friends Adrian, Stella Rose, Townes, and Tenny (and their parents & siblings) for sharing what they know about rainbows! If you know a kid who has something to say (spoiler alert: they all do!), to learn more or to be on the show, visit earsnacks.org

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