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Hearts! (with Ruben Rojas)

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Do all hearts beat the same? We don’t know…unless we listen to them. With the help of four well-informed hummingbirds and renowned muralist Ruben Rojas, Andrew & Polly explore what they know about hearts – biological and metaphorical! Our friends Maya, Anders, Jackson, and Emmet share about how their hearts feel when they give and receive Valentines. And Polly shares about the little robot in her chest (her pacemaker-defibrillator) and the way it keeps her heart dancing to a steady beat. Many thanks to artist, muralist, designer, entrepreneur and podcaster Ruben Rojas for talking with us. His podcast explores the emotional journeys of artists, athletes and other creators seeking to Live Through Love. You can find more of Reuben’s work at rubenrojas.com – or if you walk around, you might just find it on GIANT WALLS. And thanks to Fyütch + Aura V for sharing their new single, I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, available wherever you get your affirmational bops! Vocabulary & Ideas in this episode include: Stethoscope Animal heart rates Aorta! Atrium! Ventricle! Arrhythmia Pacemaker-defibrillator Mural Electro-pounce Thanks to EVERYPLATE for sponsoring Ear Sncaks. Go to everyplate.com/podcast and enter code 49earsnacks for $1.49 per meal + $1 steaks for life. Subscription must be active to qualify and redeem $1 steak. Need more snacks? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok! To learn more or to be on the show, visit earsnacks.org

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