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What do you see during an eclipse? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? In 2017, we asked kids and families living in the path of totality to record their experience of the Great American Eclipse. If you're getting ready for the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024 that will stretch from Texas to Maine, check this out! More awesome eclipse- and science-related listening goodness, including… Our episode about Shadows where Mat Kaplan from Planetary Radio explains how eclipses are space shadows! Our first Eclipse episode in 2017 featuring more great science and history stories about eclipses from our Kids Listen friends Mick Sullivan at The Past & The Curious and Molly Bloom at Brains On! There’s also a brand new Eclipse MUSICAL out now by Alphabet Rockers You can hear their song Syzygy and more mind-expanding bops on our Spotify Playlist: Science Class Soundtrack! Ear Snacks is a podcast about art, music, science and culture centered around kids voices and ideas – if you know a kid with things to say, let us know! To learn more or to be on the show, visit earsnacks.org  Are we still going to be podcasting during the next total solar eclipse in 2045? 🙂

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