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Bubbles! (It's ephemeral, kid.)

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Pop! Welcome to a very floaty episode of Ear Snacks in which Andrew & Polly (literally) get into bubbles. Come ponder the nature of glistening spheres, learn the science of surface tension and explore the wonders of Bubble Planet at Kidspace Children’s Museum, and wax poetic about the joy of sharing bubbles with our effortlessly effervescent pal, Mista Cookie Jar -- who helps us make a brand new song, “Like a Bubble!" Thanks to Kaya, Kali, Kieran, Vada & Shai (who made some bubble art for this episode) for sharing what they know about bubbles! To learn more or to be on the show, visit earsnacks.org and special thanks to our amazing new Patreon supporters Winona, Margot, Gussy, & Theo family! To support the work we do, join us at patreon.com/earsnacks Thanks to editor extraordinaire Allyson Holley for helping us make this episode, as well as musicians Bruno Serroni (cello), Davi Mello (cavaquino), Jon-Paul Frappier (trumpet), Chris Bonner (bass) and Chris Barber (drums) for bringing our original music to life. And as always, thank YOU for listening -- it means a lot. Need more snacks? Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok!

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