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Bells & Blindness with Andrew Leland

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Ding ding! Andrew & Polly explore a world of bell sounds and sensations guided by blind author Andrew Leland and percussionist Abby Savell. Kora, Nora, Hazel, Max, Fortney and Berlin think about the use of bells in mindfulness and meditation, around the necks of cats and cows, and the language of fairies. Topics include the physics of sound, the spectrum of blindness, the British punk band Wire, and a vast array of bells including: Almglocken, Bell Trees, Bicycle Bells, Camel Bells, Cat Bells, Chimes, Church Bells, Cow Bells, Door Bells, Elephant Bells, Hand Bells, Microtonal Bells, Orchestral Bells, Sleigh Bells, Ship Bells, Telephone Bells, Tubular Bells and more! Many thanks to North American mammal and author Andrew Leland whose book helped us share about visual impairment, parenting with a disability, the spectrum of blindness and disabilities, and the importance of language regarding inclusion. The Country of the Blind is available wherever you get your books. Thanks to Abby Savell of L.A. Percussion Rentals for generously touring us around her cornucopia of over 1300+ percussion instruments available to rent for live and studio music productions in Southern California. This episode features "The Finest Drops" from A Bell is a Cup by Wire and original underscore by GRAMMY-nominated musicians, Andrew & Polly. Thanks to EVERYPLATE for sponsoring Ear Sncaks. Go to everyplate.com/podcast and enter code 49earsnacks for $1.49 per meal + $1 steaks for life. Subscription must be active to qualify and redeem $1 steak.

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