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2023 GRAMMY Awards for Kids: Know Your Noms!

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Get to know some of the family music artists nominated for a 2023 GRAMMY Award for Best Children’s Album: Divinity Roxx from NYC (@diviroxx and @diviroxxkids) plays bass for Beyoncé, writes children’s books, and loves mini-kayaking adventures. She shared “Be Yourself” from her GRAMMY-nominated album “Ready, Set, Go!” Justin Roberts from Evanston, IL (@justiroberts) plays pinball, complex faming-based board games, writes children’s books illustrated by Christian Robinson, and advocates for musicians rights. He shared “I Have Been a Unicorn” from his GRAMMY-nominated album “Space Cadet” Alphabet Rockers from Oakland, CA (@alphabetrockets) contain multitudes. We’ve shared their community-based social justice projects The butterfly Effect and We Got Work To Do on the show, and their children’s book You Are Not Alone features in an upcoming episode of Ear Snacks about friendship and loneliness. They shared “Our Turn” from their GRAMMY-nominated album “The Movement” Wendy and DB from Chicago, IL (@wendyandDB) work with and fundraise for the Chicago blues community, organize community art projects, and yes – eat tuna on crackers. They shared “If I Had a Hammer” from their GRAMMY-nominated album “Into the Little Blue House” We hope this playlist piques your family’s interest in the awesome artistry at work in the children’s genre and that you take the time to explore the work of these generous guests! Ear Snacks is made by Andrew & Polly. To find out more or to be on the show, visit earnacks.org - and thanks for listening!

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