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Protecting consumers, tramadol-warfarin interaction and very low calorie diets

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In this podcast recorded in early February, James Cave (Editor-in-Chief) and David Phizackerley (Deputy Editor) talk about the March 2024 issue of DTB. They discuss the editorial highlighting the important work that the founders of The Medical Letter, Worst Pills, Best Pills and Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin did to scrutinise the safety of medicines and the need to challenge the processes by which medicines are licensed, appraised, commissioned and promoted (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/62/3/34). They review a coroner's Prevention of Future Deaths report that highlighted an interaction between tramadol and warfarin (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/62/3/36). They also talk about a study that compared the emergency contraceptive efficacy of levonorgestrel plus piroxicam with levonorgestrel plus placebo (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/62/3/38). The main article considers the effectiveness of low or very low calorie diets in achieving remission of type 2 diabetes (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/62/3/39).   Link Mathew R. Prescribing isn’t a single act—getting it right requires time and effort. BMJ 2024;384:q279 (https://www.bmj.com/content/384/bmj.q279) Please subscribe to the DTB podcast to get episodes automatically downloaded to your mobile device and computer. Also, please consider leaving us a review or a comment on the DTB Podcast iTunes podcast page (https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/dtb-podcast/id307773309). If you want to contact us please email [email protected]. Thank you for listening.

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