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BNF moving with the times; preventable deaths; plus an intro to pharmacogenetics

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In this podcast, James Cave (Editor-in-Chief) and David Phizackerley (Deputy Editor) talk about the November 2023 issue of DTB. They discuss the history of the BNF and the announcement that the 86th edition of the BNF and the 2023–2024 edition of the BNF for Children will be the last print issues to be purchased by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for the NHS in England (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/61/11/162 and https://dtb.bmj.com/content/61/11/166). They talk about a retrospective review of a case series of UK coroners’ Reports to Prevent Future Deaths that found that around one in five reports involved a medicine (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/61/11/165). The main article provides an introduction to pharmacogenetics (https://dtb.bmj.com/content/61/11/168). They begin by responding to a listener's email.   Please subscribe to the DTB podcast to get episodes automatically downloaded to your mobile device and computer. Also, please consider leaving us a review or a comment on the DTB Podcast iTunes podcast page (https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/dtb-podcast/id307773309). If you want to contact us please email [email protected]. Thank you for listening.

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