Dr. Serge The Nutrition Scientist podcast

Dr. Serge The Nutrition Scientist

A variety of topics related to nutrition, health, and functional medicine are being discussed and debunked by Dr. Serge.

My goal is to help people navigating the confusion in the world of health and nutrition. I use the scientific method to debunk myths and confusion. My objective here is to give the right information to empower people on their journey to achieve optimal health. I discuss a variety of conditions such as Lyme Disease, its co-infections (EBV, parasites, Babesia, Borrelia, Bartonella, etc.), hormonal imbalances, thyroid, adrenal, autoimmune diseases, allergies, GI issues, parasites, Candida, any topics related to health and functional medicine. Sign up at https://science.drsergegregoire.com to receive a FREE eBook on The Science of Detoxification and How to Properly Rid Your Body of Toxins. Here's my link tree, which contains the links to my social media platforms, podcasts, and ebooks. https://linktr.ee/DrSerge

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