Disney Hacks by MtM - Disneyland, Walt Disney World & Beyond! podcast

Disney Hacks by MtM - Disneyland, Walt Disney World & Beyond!

Disney Hacks by Miles to Memories | Shawn Coomer

Disney Hacks by Miles to Memories is your place to find more Disney for less money. On this podcast we discuss Walt Disney World and Disneyland trip planning, keep up with the latest news and info you need to know plus share the nerdier side of Disney. Think saving time & money on Disney in a fun and sometimes geeky way! Shawn Coomer and the MtM team have learned how to maximize travel loyalty programs and have used that knowledge to feed their love of Disney. Disney Hacks is about not only planning your Disneyland and Walt Disney World vacation, but it is also about learning how to have a good time, how to impress your friends with useless knowledge of Disney and most importantly how to have fun while in the parks. Shawn has been to every Disney park in the world multiple times and not only has knowledge of Disney in the U.S. but also of the parks, rides and unique aspects of every Disney resort around the world. This is a Disney podcast unlike any you have listened to. Enjoy! If you like the Disney Hacks Podcast then make sure to check out the Miles to Memoires podcast (miles, points & travel) and our MtM Vegas podcast. Just search "Miles to Memories" in your favorite podcast app!

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