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"How to Avoid Inheritance Tax While Staying Within The Rules" with Martin Beadle

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My guest today has spent more than thirty years helping property investors to structure their portfolio in the most tax efficient way for themselves and, equally important, for their children. It won’t have escaped your attention that taxes are rising all over the world as governments realise they’ve made spending commitments they can no longer afford. High net worth families have been one of the prime targets in the UK for more than ten years now, with a succession of tax breaks being removed and new taxes applied. With 18,000 pages of tax law and almost 1,000 tax reliefs available, it’s clear that we all need some expert help. My guest has taken a brand-new approach to tax planning, learning what you want to achieve and then using his team of experts to create a bespoke model from a large toolkit of options that are all fully HMRC approved.  Depending on your circumstances, the change can be transformational for your wealth. His firm is called Rethink Tax and my guest is its founder Martin Beadle. 

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