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Exploration by Nagesvara of the beginning of the Anapansati meditation practice, namely the preliminaries and the breath.

"Here, gone to the forest to the root of a tree or to an empty hut, we sit down; folding our legs crosswise, keeping the body erect, and having established mindfulness to the fore, mindful, one breathes in; mindful one breathes out. While breathing in long, one knows: 'I breathe in long.' While breathing out long, one knows, 'I breathe out long.' While breathing in short, one knows: 'I breathe in short.' While breathing out short, one knows, 'I breath out short.'"

Excerpted from the talk The Preliminaries and the Breath, part of the series The Flow of Life: exploring Anapanasati, given at Metta Vihara Retraitecentrum, 2022.


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