Cryo Pod Tapes podcast

Cryo Pod Tapes

Ted Huggins

One of the few podcasts dedicated to creating Enveloping Sci-Fi Horror and Cosmic Horror Audio Productions. Cryo Pod Tapes is an Award Nominated Cosmic Horror Anthology podcast that takes original Sci-fi Horror and Cosmic Horror short stories, submitted by writers and authors from all over the world, and turn them into captivating, professionally produced Mini Audio Dramatizations. With the goal of bringing together the creative talents of the unheard, while creating an unforgettable and enjoyable immersive audio experience. Using a rich palate of compelling narration and story tailored sound design and music provided by audio producer and UK One Voice and Vox Award Voiceover nominee, Ted Huggins, as well as featuring many other professional VA's. We also release bonus interview episodes with the Authors and Voice Talent who feature and perform on the podcast, and listen to their unique and colourful creative journeys.

36 Episodes