Create Your Story Podcast podcast

Create Your Story Podcast

Terri Connellan

Author, creative transition coach and personality type practitioner, Terri Connellan, hosts conversations on creativity, self-leadership and personality to inspire your wholehearted life. Terri and guests share how they have created their most positive life story. Creatives, writers, coaches, coaching clients, teachers, editors, publishers, artists, psychologists, personality type practitioners, bloggers and others interested in creating and shaping their story in the richest of ways share their insights. Transitions, turning points, professional life, creative practice, intuition, tenacity - real stories, ordinary people, extraordinary lives, honed and crafted from the moments of every day. Join guests exploring all that they have learnt along the way and are still learning. Connect and learn - because connecting through the transitions we make is so powerful and life-enhancing, sparking more connections and inspiration. Website: Podcast episodes: Books: Free copy of Chapter 1 of Wholehearted: Instagram:

21 Episodes