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The Mexican Revolution

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Amelia, Carlos and Rudy sit down to discuss the revolutionary period of Mexico in the decade of 1910. We talk about the Porfiriato period which led up to the revolution, the conjecture which led to the events of 1910, the three stages of the revolutionary wars, and the diverse factions acting in each stage. We discuss the relevant figures of the revolution, including Francisco Madero, Emilio Zapata, Pancho Villa, the Flores Magón brothers, as well as the ultimate victors in the Sonora clan. We also talk about the end point of the war, and why the state-building faction was able to consolidate rule over Mexico.

A second episode will discuss the consolidation of the revolutionary regime in Mexico up to the 1940s.


J. Cockroft - Mexico: Class Formation, Capital Accumulation, and the State
A. Knight - The Mexican Revolution: A Very Short Introduction
A. Knight - The Mexican Revolution, Volume 1: Porfirians, Liberals, and Peasants
A. Knight - The Mexican Revolution, Volume 2: Counter-revolution and Reconstruction
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