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How To Be The Conscious Creator Of Your Life Through Hidden Knowledge With Andrea Kaye

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If you've been curious about the truth of our history and our true power and co-creative beings, Andrea Kaye and I dive deep into the esoteric wisdom that's been hidden, as well as epigenetics, quantum physics, NLP, and the ascension of human consciousness.

Andrea is a Superconscious Creator and Transformation Accelerator. She helps you awaken to your divine soul truth, find your purpose and take your power back. She helps spiritual mompreneurs and entrepreneurs to overcome past programming, create routine and structure, and manifest abundance.

As a certified Magnetic Mind Coach I use the five steps to conscious creation superconscious transformation recode method based on proven nueroscience epigenetics quantum physics and spiritual concepts to rewire your brain and recode your DNA 🧬 this allows you to release limiting beliefs toxic emotions and resistance, heal trauma, break generational curses and become the attraction magnet to make your dreams reality.

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