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SWCIC: Aphra Possessed By The Spark Eternal, Ancient Sith Darkseekers Plus Sana Starros & Magna Tolvan (Doctor Aphra #22-26) – Ep 117

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APHRA IMPRISONED IN HER OWN MIND WHILE THE SPARK ETERNAL RUNS RAMPANT! For ep 117, Mike delves into the 5 issues of Doctor Aphra set after Crimson Reign, but before the Hidden Empire crossover event, which features an ancient being called the Spark Eternal possessing Aphra, trapping her inside her own memories with no one to speak with aside from a long-dead Chadra-Fan. While this unfolds, Sana Starros puts a crew together to find Aphra while Just Lucky is hotly in pursuit! As well as this plot, Mike provides further information on Cortosis, the Mairan species, the Droid Crush and more!

This story is set after Empire Strikes Back & after the Crimson Reign & War Of The Bounty Hunters events, but before Hidden Empire & Return Of The Jedi.

Doctor Aphra 22-26 are written by Alyssa Wong, with Minkyu Jung as artist on all issues and Natacha Bustos also as artist on issue 22, and Rachelle Rosenberg is colour artist on all issues.

Issue 22 was released July 27th 2022, issue 26 was released 16th November 2022 and the trade paperback collection (for issues 21-25) was released December 27th 2022.

Mike covered the prelude to Crimson Reign in episode 97 of SWCIC, and all volumes/crossovers 1-5 in episodes 102, 104, 106, 108 & 110 and for all War of The Bounty Hunters comics, check episodes 60, 64, 68, 72, 77 & 84.

Mike tackled the first Aphra comic (of the 2016 run) in episode 34, the Accresker Jail issue was in episode 51 and the first volume of 2020 Aphra comics was tackled on episode 67.

Last week, Mike gave a review & overview of Path Of Deceit; the first book in Phase 2 of The High Republic. He gives his spoiler-free thoughts on the novel, provides more information on the book, then gives his spoiler-filled thoughts, giving an overview of the book’s plot, some connections to other content and more! The book centres around the Path Of The Open Hand, Marda & Yana Ro, Kevmo Zink, Zallah Macri and the mysterious Mother.

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