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Indie Comics Spotlight: Creator Corner: Breath of Shadows

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Today's episode is brought to you by Reburn. Please, treat yourself and get a copy of this brilliant indie comic.

Check out this playlist that Rich made for this book!

In February 2023, IDW Publishing is releasing issue #1 of its IDW
Original Series, Breath of Shadows, a five-issue miniseries from Bram
Stoker Award–Nominated Comic Book Creators Rich Douek and Alex Cormack
that melds the horror genre with drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, resulting
in an edge-of-your-seat, dark-and-twisted, must-read!


It’s 1968. On the fast track to becoming one of his era’s most
iconic rock stars, Jimmy Meadows should be basking in the glow of newly
acquired wealth and fame. Instead, crushed by the weight of a
debilitating heroin addiction, Jimmy is on the verge of losing
everything—until an old friend tips him off to an unorthodox treatment
method hidden in the depths of the South American jungle. With
fair-weather friends, local opportunists, and industry sycophants in
tow, Jimmy sets off in search of what he’s sure will be a miracle
cure. But as the excursion veers off course and the realities of their
environment begin to bleed together with Jimmy’s paranoia and
drug-induced hallucinations, the team quickly descends into a nightmare
of bloody chaos populated by unspeakable horrors that surpass even the
most brutal drug trip.

About the Creators

Rich Douek is a Bram Stoker Award finalist and the writer of original
series such as Sea of Sorrows, Road of Bones, and Wailing Blade. He has
contributed to Marvel’s Wastelanders, and DC’s Superman: Red and
Blue and Strange Love Adventures, among many other projects. Born in
Queens, NY, he is a lifelong resident of the NYC metro area and works as
a creative director in advertising when he’s not busy writing comics.

Alex Cormack is a Bram Stoker Award-nominated Illustrator whose work
includes Sea of Sorrows and Road of Bones from IDW, The Crimson Cage
from AWA Studios, Sink from ComixTribe, Duel and Weed Magic from Bliss
on Tap, and who has worked with IDW, Image Comics, Oni Press, Adult
Swim, KRS Comics, and a bunch more. He lives in Vermont with his wife,
his son, and his cat Destruction.

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