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A $20-$30K months with a team- starting with this ONE thing!

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Hello Millionaire Babes! Tell me if this sounds like you.....👇🏻

>>> You know you need and want a team, but aren't getting booked out as it is so hesitate to hire in fear that you wouldn't be able to keep them working...

>>> You love the idea of having a team, but are unsure what happens if someone does a bad job, and how to address uncomfortable certain situations.

>>> I know you might have a team and are realizing you’re overpaying them and really don't know how to go about it.

>>>You fear of letting go of control with a team afraid they wont treat your clients like you would treat them and brides would complain or leave a bad review...

If ANY of these sound like you, you don't want to miss my latest podcast episode where I walk you through the #1 first step when it comes to building and refining your team!!

Let's go!

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