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CI to Eye

Capacity Interactive

In an age of profound change, how must arts administrators evolve so our organizations stay relevant and thrive? It starts by asking tough questions and seeking fresh perspectives. CI to Eye is a podcast tailor-made for arts administrators. It’s hosted by Priya Iyer and Erik Gensler, the President and Founder of Capacity Interactive (CI), a digital marketing consulting firm for the arts. From arts leadership to organizational culture, digital marketing deep dives and cutting edge innovation, CI to Eye is your one-stop shop to help you market smarter. Episodes include: CI to Eye Interview - Expert perspectives on timely topics. Media Moment - Insight and inspiration from the arts and beyond. Digital Download - The latest in digital marketing to help you stay ahead of the curve. CI’s Stance - The inside scoop on experimentation, exploration, and innovation at CI. Coming Up - Events, resources, and content from CI to help you market smarter. If you’re an arts administrator, you don’t want to miss these conversations created to spark your imagination and encourage you to think and grow in new ways. Please join us to CI to Eye.

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