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Get After It with Olympian Carrie Tollefson! Each week, Carrie and a different celebrity guest discuss running, fitness, and how to live a healthy, balanced life as a runner.

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  • C Tolle Run podcast

    253: Alyssa Clark - Running Has Been My Friend


    Carrie chats with Alyssa Clark who just set the Women’s Guinness World Record for running 95 marathons in 95 consecutive days! They chat about the record and her experiences during it, how she scheduled the time to do it, how her body performed and how she recovered, her relationship with running, and so much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    252: Bryan Green and Jon Rankin - Fuel The Pursuit


    Carrie chats with Jon Rankin and Bryan Green, hosts of the Fueling the Pursuit podcast! They chat about their journey into the sport, turning from college teammates into business partners, and much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

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  • C Tolle Run podcast

    251: Annie Frisbie - Racing is the Reward


    Carrie chats with Annie Frisbie who just placed 7th at the TCS New York City Marathon! They break down her morning of the race, her play-by-play performance in the race, how she achieved her “secret goal” in the race, her goals from here, and much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    250: Molly Seidel - Harden... Up!


    Carrie welcomes Olympic Bronze Medalist Molly Seidel back to the show! They chatted just prior to her fourth place performance at the 2021 TCS NYC Marathon, but they cover her life after winning an Olympic medal, her new obligations, building her training back up, injuries, how she wants to run the marathon world championships next summer, and much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    249: Biya Simbassa - Give Myself a Chance


    Carrie chats with USATF Champion Biya Simbassa! They talk about moving to the United States as a teenager, what it’s like to train with Team Run Flagstaff, his continual progression in the sport of running, his long-term goals, and so much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    248: Meghan Roth - Next Thing... I Was In The Ambulance


    Carrie chats with Meghan Roth, a fast marathoner who survived a cardiac arrest during the 2021 Boston Marathon. She takes Carrie through the day, describing the moments leading up to the race, getting through eight miles, collapsing on the course, having a friend perform CPR on her, waking up in an ambulance, recovering in a Boston hospital for several days following the race, and her ongoing journey towards recovery.
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    247: Shalane Flanagan - World Tour Of Marathoning


    Carrie welcomes Olympian Shalane Flanagan back to the show! They discuss Project Eclipse, which is Shalane’s attempt to run every Abbott World Marathon Major in a 42 day period. They also discuss her training, her cravings, her recovery, what she thinks about walking in a marathon, her little boy Jack, her husband, her cookbooks, and so much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    246: CJ Albertson - I Ran To Win


    Carrie chats with CJ Albertson, the man who led the 2021 Boston Marathon for 20 miles before finishing 10th overall (and second American)! They talk about his race and his strategy, why he thought it was important to keep the crowd engaged, how he broke through the wall to finish out the race, how his friends and family reacted to his performance, his history in the sport (including several world records), and much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    245: Dakotah Lindwurm - Mom Always Wins


    Carrie chats with elite runner Dakotah Lindwurm! They talk about how she got into the sport, transitioning from being a hockey goalie to a runner, Hugh Jackman, finding her sweet spot in the marathon, her preparations for the upcoming Boston Marathon, and much more!
  • C Tolle Run podcast

    244: Cory McGee - Just Go Do Your Job


    Carrie chats with Olympian Cory McGee! They talk all about her Olympic journey and what it took to get there, her family and life growing up, alligators (yeah, seriously), loving the long distances, and so much more!

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