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What We Get Wrong About Resilience - Management Miniseries

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This mini mini series is for the managers out there who are confounded, bemused, and perplexed at the state of affairs within their motley crew.

The basics of solid, non-trend-chasing manager skills is still something we get wrong - despite having a large amount of evidence to help us get it right.

So let's do that in this series - let's get some of the major wrongs right and let science lead the way.

This episode is about resilience and how our language, perceptions, and work design is standing in the way of making it happen. I'll offer you some ways to make small but effective changes to your team so that they can develop and deploy resilience, rather than succumbing to burnout and exhaustion.

Sorry for the background noises. Can someone send me a soundproof recording booth, please? Thanks.

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