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S3 E5 - Failure IS an Option

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This week's episode is about the F word... yep. Failure. *gasp*

Do not worry - this is not one of those podcast episodes where I'm going to explain how you need to 'fail fast' or 'forward' or some such trash.

No, no.

Over here in BIAP Land, we're more interested in considering how the shame and fear of failure negatively impacts our professional development. Let us consider some of the following questions:

What impact does outside pressure have on our inner relationship to failure?

How does it impact our ability to lead well or for our Orgs to learn?

In what ways does it impact our interactions and exchanges at work?

What can we do to develop a more useful relationship with failure?

Tune in to learn some useful steps you can take to have a more skillful relationship with failure and see its value.

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