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Sultan Deniz: On Living From The Heart

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Sultan Deniz was a banker for fourteen years. But when she found herself meditating for hours and hours to deal with the stress, she realized something had to give. Sultan decided to follow her heart and it led her to becoming a mediation coach and poet.  Becoming yourself is a process, and the answers lie within. It is in that internal exploration that Sultan directs her clients to discover what is true for them. Sultan's own quest for peace and authenticy led her to tap into a more confident, abundant.and fulfilled version of herself. For Sultan, the path was through both doing and learning. She developed a meditation practice and studied Kundalini Yoga, Buddhism and Sufi wisdom. From this wisdom, she shares her journey and helps others along in theirs. Come be inspired by Sultan Deniz.   Coming Soon! The Book. Bump In The Road, Stories of Courage, Perseverence and Resilience, an inspiring anthology of overcoming life's bumps. Because everyone needs a bit of inspiration.   Learn more at Follow Bump on:

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