BritPopCast podcast



Have you ever wondered what Jarvis Cocker has on his tour rider? Or what aftershave Liam Gallagher wears? Or how the boys from Supergrass grew such impressive sideburns at such a young age? Stuff like this is all that comedians George Lewis and Paul McCaffrey ever think about. And this podcast will let them find out the answers to these and hundreds more of their dumb questions about the greatest time in music history. In each episode, George (winner of Celebrity Mastermind, answering questions on Oasis) and Paul (knows twice as much about Britpop as George) will be joined by a guest who will chat about their experience of the Britpop movement. They will uncover stories you’ve never heard before, discuss niche trivia and revel in the nostalgia of a time when we all thought Tony Blair, the England football team and minidiscs all had great futures ahead of them.

21 Episodes