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The Power of Story as World Building Work with Megan Febuary

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What does it look like to be current and liberated in your storytelling work? Can you taste the potency, joy, life, and potential of your medicine?

In this episode with Megan Febuary, we talk about the power of story as world-building work and how when we allow ourselves to honor our bodies in the creation process, we grant ourselves the opportunity to draft works that offer powerful medicine that is joyous to create and relevant to this time.

In this episode we explore:

  • Growing our capacity to create new stories.
  • How a trauma-sensitive approach to storytelling opens us to up to flow and the power of our voices.
  • Stepping into the true power of being a storyteller in this day.
  • How the work of transforming ideas into digestible forms, especially through the lens of a trauma-informed approach, is the work of wonder, power, and magic.
  • Human Design as a language for style, rhythm, voice, and the true expression
  • Practical ways to use Human Design to support discipline and self-expression in the creative process.

About Megan

Megan Febuary is an author, trauma-informed writing coach, and founder of the storytelling platform For Women Who Roar featured women’s voices from around the world. She has published thousands of works of women and helped hundreds write their books and heal their story. She is currently working on her second book.


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