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Rewilding the Inner Landscape with Bethaney Wilkinson

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Rewilding is a concept that has gained much popularity in recent years as the pandemic has peeled back the layers of industry and challenged our global relationships with consciousness, our priorities, and our politics. There are many conversations to be had about rewilding our external lives through learning to garden or farm, by taking a closer look at how fast we're moving as a world, and by choosing to raise our children in ways that benefit their spirits and their wholeness. But what about this idea of rewilding the idea internal aspects of society? Our thoughts, our inner landscape, our conscious minds, our mental wholeness, and our souls? How can our ways of orienting to the world be benefited by rewilding the inner landscape of the soul? It felt incredible to sit down with Bethaney Wilkinson and discuss these things. While we didn't come away with concrete step-by-step answers, together we did ask some incredibly valuable questions that we hope will spur you on in your own relationship with these matters.

About Bethaney Wilkinson

Bethaney Wilkinson (she/her) holds space for change as a writer, facilitator, leadership coach and spiritual director. She is author of The Diversity Gap: Where good intentions meet true cultural change (HarperCollins Leadership), and hosts a podcast by the same name, which has been downloaded over a quarter of a million times worldwide. She is also the lead writer and curator of A More Beautiful Way, a blog and podcast series dedicated to slowing down, simplifying, and finding the Sacred in our everyday lives. She has dedicated more than a decade to exploring the intersections of community, racial justice, and social change—specifically in the organizational context. When she's not leading racial equity efforts for teams, or sitting with folks exploring their spiritual journeys, you can find her stewarding a one acre homestead called Cedar Wilde  with her husband Alex and their two dogs, Isla and Bear.

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