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Reweaving Winter: Prompts for Imagining a More Honest Winter through the Lens of the Four Directions

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Today's podcast episode is an invitation to perceive a more honest Winter through the lens of the Four Directions. In one of my most recent personal Substack posts, I wrote about how the stories we're often given about Winter, don't seem to line up to what Winter actually ends up feeling like in our bodies. And instead of continuing on cycles of feeling guilty for not resting enough, being "jolly" enough, or hibernating enough, what if we could rewrite our relationship with Winter to be more aligned to what feels authentic in our forms?

Energetically, Winter is the season of depth, imaginative rest, and sacred responsibility. In the wheel of the four directions, Winter stations North, holding the medicine of the Nurturing, Responsible, and Generative Adult.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we transit through the zodiacal seasons of Capricorn (our work and place in the world), Aquarius (who we are in the context of ecosystems and community), and Pisces (the deep world and the futures we’re imagining).

It’s so interesting how in Western culture, we almost only see Winter as a time for holidays, feasting, dormancy, and sleep, but there is so much more happening energetically and beneath the surface of the sleeping Earth body when her skin gets a little cold. Beneath the frozen surfaces, our individual and collective bodies are teeming with the spirit of potential. There is a lot to establish about ourselves in the Winter. What would it look like to lean into this?

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