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Desert Medicine, Slow Roots, and Spring Beginnings

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There is a reason why we need Spring and Sunrises, Births, and New Beginnings. We can’t swim in the depths and death of the underworld forever. Our bodies crave the cyclical way. Our bodies crave the knowing that there will always be a second chance waiting for us around the bend somewhere and at some point in the future. Otherwise, what would be the point of living?
Spring offers us that chance to remember that grace, grace is woven into everything. There is no eternal damnation except for through our own choosing. And even if we did choose it — even if we did choose to fracture ourselves off into the darkness forever, there is always a hand that is reach in to pull us out. We only have to say that we want it. We only have to say that we want the resurrection. We want the shift. We want the turning. We want the warmth of the cool spring dawn.

Seasonal Prompts through the Four Directions:

North – Society – The Nurturing, Generative Adult – What about this season drew you into deeper harmony with yourself and clarity about your role in the world? What do you know now about who you are that you didn’t know at the beginning of Winter? What did the dark of the of mid-night season reveal?

East – Spirit – The Innocent, The Sage – What revelations are now unfolding within you? What newness is taking root? What wants to be welcomed into your world? What is being born?

South – Soil – The Wild Indigenous One, The Inner Child – Where do you feel these initiations taking place in your body? What is the Earth saying about your reformation? What progressions can you see? What desires do you have? Where do you feel the safest and most at home? Are you accessing your wonder? Your delight? Your sense of sensuality and play? Where are you finding the most liberation in your body, your community, your voice, and your home?

West – Soul – The Muse, The Inner Beloved – What parts of this season have invited you witness your inner mysteries? What poems, songs, images are playing agains the screen of your imagination? What shadows have greeted you there? What are growing in courage to face? Can you access the beauty in these shadow-aspects? What parts of yourself are you learning to deeply love in this?

Link to workbook will be uploaded by 3/19. Check back then!

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