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Deep World Initiations: Bone Medicine, Primordial Wisdom, and Disillusionment with Karla Palomino

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Initiation is a sacred part of being with the human experience and an art for our culture to reclaim in the emergence of our age. Through the medicine of initiation we get to witness our capacity, our gifts, and the potency of our potential in the world. It’s through initiation that we learn how to meet the edges of life and grow in flexibility, inner-resource, and discernment.

Karla embodies medicine of sacred initiation and essence liberation: the power of being true and non-hierchical with ourselves. I appreciate her voice on being with subtle addictions, moving through and navigating romantic distortions and navigating the life / death / life cycles of change.

You can learn more about Karla and follow her work at the following links:

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