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Episode 88: 2024 Midpoint Check In!

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Welcome to Bratzline! As we reach the halfway point of the year, we look back and  reflect on the releases of Bratz up until now.  We discuss every release so far this year and what we truly think of them, and even predict on what's coming next for the rest of the year! From leaks and rumours, confirmed and unconfirmed reproductions, celebrity dolls, Mean Girls collaborations , we discuss it all! I hope you guys enjoy!

[0:33] - Intro
[6:15] - Always Bratz
[23:43] - Bratz Minis
[29:33] - Bratz Babyz
[36:35] - Repros
[46:30] - Mean Girls Collab
[50:36] - Celebrity Doll
[59:45] - 2024 Overall Thoughts
[1:06:50] - Closing


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Darling Dollz Video Mentioned:

Slumber Party Leaks:

Mean Girls Leaks:

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